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How to Make Cute Fruit Shaped PlantersSpring is finally here and the snow is gone for the most part depending on where you're from. For many people this is the time where they get their plants ready to take in the sunshine that has been long hidden in the rainy or snowy weather. They even take time to buy new plants for the year. However a lot of times the pots and containers used for their leafy babies are dull and blends in with the rest of the furniture. If you're looking to add some color and cuteness to your indoor garden then this fun video on how to make cute fruit shaped planters is sure to help you make that happen!

Supplies Needed

Air-Dry Crafting Clay

Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors

Terracotta Pots in different sizes

An assortment of plants that looks similar to the stems and tops of fruit shape you're going for. (In this case with the video above: Strawberries and Pineapples which will require either aloe vera and for the pineapple planter and haworthia retusa for the strawberry one.)

Paint brushes in different sizes

A ruler for making detailed design on the pots (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Mold the air drying clay all around the outside of terracotta pot until completely covered.

2. Add extra clay along the top edge of the pot to give it more length

3. Press in the clay at the bottom area of the pot to give it a slimmer appearance which helps make up the pineapple shape.

4. Carefully smooth out any bumps on the clay using a wet cloth.

5. Using the ruler draw diagonal lines along the clay from bottom to top of the pot in one direction

6. Draw more diagonal lines along the clay in the opposite direction in which makes up the pineapple ridges

7. Punch a hole at the bottom of the clay covered pot for excess water to run through the plant and soil.

8. Repeat the previous steps except step 6 to create the strawberry shaped clay shape on another pot but this time with the extra clay mold the top edge into a funnel shape.

9. With the end of a paint brush place dots along the strawberry shaped pot to give it the familiar texture of the fruit.

10. Leave them to dry for a day or so, occasionally flipping the pots over so the clay could dry evenly.

11. Paint both of the pots in the colors closest to the actual fruit or get funky, and paint them in any color you want!

12. Once paint dries place plants into the pots

13. Show them off to friends and family!

This project is not that hard at all! It's more of a patience game than an effort one as depending on the clay that's used it could take a few hours to even more than a day for it the dry after shaping it. It also doesn't have to be limited to just strawberries and pineapple shapes. With some imagination I'm sure you could model these pots out of many other fruits and vegetables. I believe adults and kids alike can have fun doing this for a spring or even a summer diy activity especially on a rainy or extremely hot and humid day. This is sure to make a very adorable decoration for the kitchen or dining room.