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How to Make Cute Decorative Yarn OrbsDecorating for any event can be quite a challenge sometimes whether it's for a wedding or a Christmas party. You want your style of any event to be unique and memorable in some way. Sometimes the best decor are ones that are handmade by our own efforts. This video will show you how to make cute decorative yarn orbs. These little balls of fun are great to have in any special occasion or even just an addition to your everyday decor at home!

Supplies Needed

Skeins of Yarn (Any color of your choice)

Balloons to create the orb shape

One pair of scissors for cutting yarn with

1 bottle of white crafting glue

A package of corn starch

Petroleum Jelly

Rubber gloves

Paint brushes

A mixing bowl and whisk

1 sewing needle

A tarp or thick sheet to use with workstation

Step by Step Instructions

1. Inflate any number of balloons you wish to decorate to your desirable size.

2. Hang balloons with a piece of yarn in a high work station such as a closet, a shower curtain rod, or a ceiling fan.

3. Place tarp underneath workstation to prevent any messes from the following steps.

4. While wearing rubbing gloves rub petroleum jelly all over each balloon, or you can apply it with a paint brush.

5. Pour bottle of crafting glue into the bowl, add 1 and a half cup of cornstarch, and a quarter of a cup of water then mix together to create a thick mixture.

6. Dip yarn into the glue mixture, squeeze out excess, then wrap it around the balloons in horizontal and vertical patterns until they are almost covered. Alternatively you could paste the yarn on balloons with the glue mixture using a paint brush.

7. Leave them hanging to dry for one to two days.

8. Once dried, gently push a finger against the balloons all around to separate them from the glued yarn ball, then pop or deflate the balloon using the needle. Remove balloon out of the yarn orb.

9. Display finished yarn orb decorations any way you want!

This is a very easy art craft to take on. The hardest part is waiting for them to dry. These cute yarn orbs are quite versatile and you can personalize it any way you want, whether you want to attack a fairy light for an illuminated display, add glitter to give them some sparkle, or add beautiful props such as craft flowers or craft jewels all over the orbs. The sky is the limit!