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How to Make Beautiful Spring Floral Home DecorationsIf you're anything like me you're a lover of flowers. There's something about flowers that just brightens up any room no matter how plain looking it is. It adds color and brings about a soothing ambience in a home making them a wonderful decor. However if you're one who doesn't have a green thumb then keeping flowers in the house would be quite a challenge. You could always use artificial ones as replacements which would be just as lovely but minus the maintanence. In this cute video on how to make beautiful spring floral table decorations it shows you a fun and simple way on how to do just that!

Supplies Needed

Realistic artificial flower bouquets of your choice.

Rhinestone gem stickers in any color of your choice.

3 or more small containers of your choice and color for the flowers. (Glass vases, texured mason jars, coffee mug, etc)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Protective gloves for glue gun. (Optional)

An assortment of pearl crafting beads or adheasive crafting pearls. (Optional)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Carefully hot glue rhinestone gems onto the outside of the flower containers in any pattern of your desire or along the pattern of the container. (Optional: Wear gloves to protect from hot glue burns!)

2. Let hot glue and stickers settle and dry.

3. Place flower bouquets into containers.

4: Optional Bonus Step: If you want to give flowers a creative sparkle, hot glue crafting pearls or rhinestone gem stickers on the petals of flowers or leaves.

5. Place your finished project on the surface of your choice and enjoy!

This project is very easy and simple to do! In fact I believe this can be done with teens but be sure to have them wear gloves as hot glue can burn quite badly if it touches skin. If you're fresh and new to DIY this is certainly something you could do to dip your toes into this creative hobby!