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How to Make an Ornament Wreath for HolidaysIt's always fun to turn your entire home into a whimsical wonderland, that brings out the child in any adult. Every year a new decorative item comes out to help create that warm, magical environment. However there's something about creating your own decoration that makes it even more special, than buying them commercially. You're able to put your signature on a Christmas decor that will be admired and remembered by loved ones years down the line. This fun video below shows you how you can make an ornament wreath for holidays.

Supplies Needed

An Assortment of Christmas Ball Ornaments in the Colors of Your Choice (Small, medium and large)

A Styrofoam Ring to Use as Base of Wreath

1 Glue Gun

A paper plate to station glue gun one

A Garbage bag to keep workstation clean

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open all of the ornaments and set them in a place at your workstation where you'll be able to reach them.

2. Using the glue gun, apply glue at the top of the ornament.

3. Carefully insert the ornament's top into the outer ring of the Styrofoam.

4. Secure ornament by gluing the sides of where it's placed at.

5. Repeat with other ornaments all around the outer ring until it's completely covered. Alternate them by size, colors, design into the pattern you want it to be.

6. Repeats steps 2-5 in the inner ring using the large and small ornament balls.

7. Glue the side of an ornament ball, and paste it carefully at the front of the styrofoam.

8. Repeat step 7 with an assortment of sizes until the entire front is covered.

9. If there are any tiny spaces of foam exposed, cover them with smaller ornament balls to make it look complete.

10. Let the glue dry

11. Enjoy your new Christmas wreath!

This project is very easy to do as well as incredibly fun! It might take a little time to glue the ornaments but the effort will gain you a beautiful holiday piece you could show off to loved ones and be proud knowing you made it yourself. I think this would be a wonderful activity to do with family.