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How to Make Adorable Emoji Icon PillowsLet's face it, some of us are a bit glued to our phones, computers and social media. With so many funny, interesting, and occasionally bizarre stuff popping up on the internet everyday it's hard not to want to check it out to see all the buzz is about! Along with that it's pretty fun to chat with loved ones and sharing our little random discoveries, expressing how we feel about them and vice versa. This cool video on how to make adorable emoji pillows will show you how you could bring a little piece of social media into your living room. They're SO cute and would make a unique decor for any furniture!

Supplies Needed

A colorful assortment of felt crafting fabric (Yellow, red, white, black, and light blue)

A bag of polyester fiber fill for pillow stuffing

Needle and thread

A pair of scissors

1 hot glue gun

1 colored marker

1 Number 2. Pencil

Sheets of large white paper for drawing/sketching

A round object such as a dinner plate for tracing shapes. (Size depends on how small or large you want the pillow to be.)

Sewing pins (Optional)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Using the round object, trace a smooth clean circle on the yellow felt fabric with the marker to make the face of the Emoji.

2. Cut out a circle from the felt fabric with the scissors just outside the drawn in circled line you traced on.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to create the back of the pillow.

4. Place both cut out circles together back to back with the drawn markings showing on the outside.

5. Keep both felt pieces together with pins (Optional)

6. Using the needle and thread, sew along the drawn lines around the circle but leave a small gap at the end to create an opening.

7. Flip the felt fabric inside and out so that markings can be hidden inside to finish making the pillow cover

8. Stuff polyester fiber fill into the small opening of the newly made cover until it's to your desired softness or firmness.

9. Sew the remaining opening until fully closed.

10. Sketch out the emoji face(s) of your choice on a clean white sheet of paper to create a template. (Size depends on pillow size)

11. Lay sketch on top of the felt of the appropriate colors and cut them out using the drawing as a guide.

12. Stick the cut out pieces of felt onto the pillow in the appropriate spots using the glue gun.

13. Enjoy your brand new pillow(s)!

This project can be easy or slightly hard depending on how comfortable you are with a thread and needle. If sewing is too hard, you could alternatively try using felt glue to put this together. Regardless I think this is a very fun activity to do with a friend or with your teenage child who might want one of their own for their room!