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How to Make a Stylish Personalized Printed Pot for PlantsHave you ever gone to one of those the home improvement stores or the gardening section in a huge supermarket and you come across one of those fancy gardening containers that looks like it came out of a lifestyle television show? They're super gorgeous but they're also super expensive! While they would love wonderful in the living room or bedroom, no one wants to spend a good chunk of change on a flower pot. With the help of this nifty video below on how to make a stylish personalized pot for plants you could create your very own lovely holder for your plants or even a slick decor piece for that space in your home that's looking a bit too barren- and all without breaking the bank!

Supplies Needed

A smooth medium or large planter. (In any shape of your choice.)

Metallic Spray Paint in any color or texture of your choice

A roll of masking tape

Old newspaper to test paint on

An old large cloth to use as a painting workstation

One pencil (optional)

A pair of gloves to keep hands clean while painting

Step by Step Instructions

1. Prepare your workstation by laying out the large cloth on the floor and place pot on top of it.

2. Draw out your desired patterns along the pot so you will have a guide on where to paint.

3. Apply strips of masking tape outside of the pattern lines covering the entire pot except within the drawn out patterns.

4. Spray paint the entire outside of the pot until fully covered. (Apply another coat if needed)

5. Let paint sit for an hour or until paint dries.

6. Slowly and carefully remove masking table.

7. Add soil and the plant of your choice.

8. Display it in your ideal space

9. Show off your new fancy pot!

This D.I.Y. project is fairly easy for the most part. The real difficulties depends on the patterns you might go for on the planter pot. However it's definitely an activity worth doing. Not only you'll have a gorgeous piece of decor to display in your home but you'll probably be saving a boat load of money from making it on your own versus buying a pre-made one from the store!