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Do you have an empty space on the wall and just feel like it makes the area in your home seem kind of boring? Perhaps that is the very case, but you don't want go out to purchase anything expensive. Why not make the decoration instead? If you're unsure how to go about it or you're a bit DIY shy, this video on how to make a simple personalized wall clock will show you how to get it done, using the things you might already have around your house. It's easy to follow and it taps into your creativity!

Supplies Needed

Battery operated clock movement mechansim with hook

Round cork hot pot stand

Acrylic paint in any color(s) of your choosing.


A roll of painter's tape

An extracto carving knife

Batteries for the clock mechanism

Sturdy String to hold clock on the wall

Circular products such as an old record for a clock face (Optional)

An old working round clock to remove clock movement mechansim from. (Optional)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Apply tape onto the cork hot pot stand in any area you don't want the paint to touch to make up your desired designs.

2. Paint over the areas that doesn't have the painter's tape in the colors of your choosing to make up the clock face. (Optional: Add in other props such as numbered stickers.)

3. Once the paint dries, carefully remove the tape.

4. Turn the cork hot pot stand over on it's unpainted back and carefully make a clean hole in the center using a pen, or drill. (Make sure the hole is big enough for the clock hand holder of the mechanism to stick through.)

5. Using a pen, trace the clock mechasim on the center of the cork hot pot stand.

6. Cut along the traced out line using the extracto knife, half way deep into the hot pot stand. (Be careful not to cut ALL the way through!)

7. Dig out the traced area deep enough to fit the clock movement mechanism inside.

8. Place mechasism inside, and make sure the clock hand holder sticks through the hole.

9. Apply clock hands to the front, attaching them to the holder.

10. Put in batteries to get the newly made clock working.

11. Hang it up to the wall and enjoy your work of art!

This project is fairly easy to do, and I believe even a new DIY'er would enjoy doing this as a way of getting their feet wet. This would serve as a cute yet functional update to the wall of any space in your home. It's great for repurposing old stuff into something stylish too!