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How to Make a Pretty Faux Succulent Plant TerrariumNeed to brighten up your kitchen, dining room or living room? This nifty video shows you how to make a pretty faux succulent plant terrarium that's sure to do just the trick! Plant based decoration seems to bring about a warmth and coziness to any home. This DIY decor in particular is very beautiful and looks like something you would buy from the store with what goes into this. However the best part about this: it's not complicated to make!

Supplies Needed

An assortment of realistic artificial succulent plants

Colored sand in any color of your choice

Decorative white stones (or any color of your choice)

1 glass fish bowl

Step by Step Instructions

1. Pour the colored sand of your choosing into the clean fish bowl.

2. Move the fish bowl until the sand is leveled out.

3. Scatter the decorative stones over the the sand until the top of it is completely covered.

4. Place succulents into the bowl and stick them inside in your desired position.

5. Admire your beautiful work of art!

This DIY project is the easiest one I've come across so far so this is perfect for anyone to do. Even if you're a beginner or very DIY-shy this is something you can certainly do with no problem! This would make a fun project to do alone or with kids on a rainy day or any day for that matter.