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How to Make a Lovely Stone Door MatSometimes one of the ways you can make an impression on someone about a home is simply what's in front of the door outside. It can give them a glimpse into the proverbial window of how unique and interesting the interior of the house could possibly be! Perhaps you're the type who likes to make your home stand out on the inside and you want to do the same outside. You want people to visit you and take notice of your uniqueness even before they enter inside. This simple but really fun video on how to make a lovely stone door mat will surely put you on the right path of making that happen!

Supplies Needed

Smooth Landscaping Rocks in any color of your choice

Strong Cement Glue

1 clean Outdoor Mat in any color of your choice

Step by Step Instructions

1. Position stones on the mat in any formation you desire to give yourself a preview of what you want it to look like. The taller stones should be position along the edges of the mat while the flatter stones should cover the middle.

2. Remove rocks from the mat.

3. Apply a thick layer of glue over the surface of the mat. (Make sure you're working in an area with plenty of ventilation because the strong fumes of the glue.)

4. Place stick rocks onto the glued mat in the position you previously made until mat is fully covered.

5. Let the rocks settle in until glue is completely dried.

6. Place your newly decorated mat at your desired location outdoors, and enjoy!

I think this D.I.Y is very easy depending on what kind of rocks you use and how you style them on the mat. It might be a tad difficult if you want design it in more complicated patterns. You can also use this project as a possible upcycling opportunity by using one of your old but still in good condition floor mats. However regardless of how it's done it's still an incredibly fun and simple way to add a touch of uniqueness to your home. Anyone who sees this would think you brought it from an home improvement store and you can proudly know that you're the one who made it!