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How to Make A Dazzling Sunburst Wall MirrorHave you ever gone into a room and thought the walls look a little...bland? Or perhaps you felt like the walls had no life, no inspiration, just utterly BORING? Normally to resolve such an issue, one would think to simply go buy a new picture, or decoration of some kind but they can be quite expensive sometimes. Why go through all that when you can make it yourself, and put your personal touches on it. This video will show you step by step how to make a dazzling sunburst wall mirror that will surely bring glam to any wall!

Supplies Needed

One 12 inch round mirror

Metallic Arts and Craft Spray Paint (Any color of your choice)

12 or more dowel rods in different thickness and lengths (Small, medium and large)

Mini crafting mirrors in assorted sizes

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Miter saw or heavy duty scissors for cutting the dowel rods

Large and small pieces of cardboard

1 measurement ruler for positioning of dowel rods

D-Ring picture hangers to use as mounting hook behind the mirror

Adhesive tape

Sheets of paper

Step by Step Instructions

1. Use the ruler to find the center of the back of the mirror, then draw straight lines across the back, then make another straight line two inches beside the first line and repeat until there's no more space. (Make the lines more defined with a dark marker)

2. Cut the longest dowel rods in half using either a miter saw or heavy duty scissors.

3. Using the glue gun, trace the glue over the drawn lines then paste the dowel rods on top of the glue lines starting with a long dowel rod, a short one, and lastly a medium. Repeat in the same pattern until all the lines are covered with the rods then let glue set in.

4. Place sunburst mirror on cardboard box, then spray paint each and every dowel rod with the color of your choice. Let it dry after applying.

5. Turn the sunburst decor onto to the front and cover the mirror with paper and secure it with tape. This is to protect it from getting spray paint on. Afterwards finish coloring the front of the dowel rods. Let it dry

6. Glue the mini craft mirrors at the ends of each dowel rod. Optionally you can add more mirrors by pasting them in the middle of the dowel rods as well.

7. Once everything is dry and set in, attach an d-ring picture hanger to the back of the round mirror using the hot glue.

8. Hang it on the wall!

This is a fairly easy project to take on, however the method of building this can vary slightly depending on what type of 12 inch round mirror you use. Once you finish you'll have yourself a stunning piece of art that will surely be the center of attention in your home. Many people will think you brought this from a store when the true artist is you!