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How to Make a Cute Mason Jar LampHave you ever gotten that itch to make new changes to your favorite tables? Or perhaps the arrangement you have are starting to become stale but you don't know what to do to make it more 'lively' again? It happens to everyone. We arrange or decorate our tables, counters, end tables and we love it but after a while they start to become as plain as bare white walls. The easy thing to do is simply buy a new decor to spruce it up. However sometimes we just don't want to buy something that possibly expensive! If you're feeling the need for changes why not MAKE your decor and breathe new life to your table surfaces! This video on how to make a cute mason jar lamp will help you make that happen without the high price tag!

Supplies Needed

Battery operated fairy string lights

A long string of silver paper star garland

Mason jars with lids

Clear candle holders

Clear industrial strength adhesive glue

A pair of scissors

Fresh batteries

Scrotch tape

A sheet of napkin or paper towel

Half face mask for protection from potent fumes by the glue (Optional)

Step by Step Instructions

1. If the mason jar comes with an open lid, seal the laid and rim together to form a full lid then let it seal and dry.

2. Apply glue to the top of candle holder(s).

3. Stick candle holders onto the top of the mason jar lid(s), and let glue settle and dry.

4. Wrap the star paper garland string around your hand to create a coil, then place inside mason jar. (The amount used depends on how much you want and/or the size of jar container)

5. Apply batteries to the string light's battery holder. (Turn on to make sure lights are working properly.)

6. Stick string lights inside the mason jar with the battery pack sticking outside of it.

7. Tape battery pack onto the lid to secure it in place.

8. Screw the lid on the mason jar.

9. Voila! Enjoy your brand new table centerpiece!

If you are a DIY-curious person or just DIY-shy then this project is perfect for you. It's very easy to do, and you can make a big day of it where you can do it by yourself or with your family to create more than one mason jar lamps! If you want to really personalize it, try string lights in a different color or perhaps in shapes or a different sized mason jar. Either way you're going to have a lovely update to your tables!