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How to Make a Beautiful Floral Table CenterpieceSpring has arrived and Summer is just around the corner! The barrenness of winter is finally behind us and now we could look forward to all the colors of nature to bloom once again and dazzle us with it's beauty and cheeriness. This is usually the time for a little seasonal decorating to reflect the cheeriness outside and the easiest place to start is at the dining area. If you're looking for fun yet simple ideas on how to bring some life and brightness to your kitchenette, breakfast nook or dining room then look no further than this video on how to make a beautiful floral table centerpiece!

Supplies Needed

A metal decorative brooch pin in any style of your choice

Pearl beads for crafting in any color of your choice

An assortment of faux flowers

A vase container of your choice to hold flowers in

Hot glue and glue gun

Scotch tape (Optional)

Step by Step Instructions

1. Apply a good amount of glue to the top and bottom of the back of the brooch pin.

2. Paste brooch at desired area of the vase and press it against the surface firmly; allow glue to dry.

3. Place tape over the brooch to secure it on the vase and let it sit for one to two days to allow the pin to settle in permanently. (Optional)

4. Place flowers into the vase and arrange them as you see fit. (Make sure the brooch is exposed)

5. Glue the pearl beads onto the petals and leaves of the flowers- design as you see fit.

6. Admire your personalized centerpiece!

This D.I.Y project is very easy to do as a number of the items needed may already be in your home. It could make a fun activity to do with kids and teens. However for kids it's best that they don't use the hot glue gun as they risk burning themselves but they may have picking out the colorful flowers, brooch and pearls while watching you put them together onto the vase. While simple, this personalized decor would make quite an attention grabber at gatherings with friends and family!