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How to Make a Beautiful Bed Canopy With Fairy LightsThe bedroom has many meanings to people. It's a place to get away from the hectic stuff life throws at you on the daily basis. It's a place where you can curl up and binge on your favorite television shows. It's a miniature library where you venture into the next epic adventure of your novels. It's even a office for those who spends much of their time on the computer. All in all the bedroom is a sanctuary, and like any magical, sacred place it should look the part! This video will show you how to make a beautiful bed canopy with fairy lights.

Supplies Needed

15 Yard of White Muslim Cotton Fabric (Length and amount varies on the size of bed)

White Curtain LED String Lights (Number of string lights depends on the size of bed)

1 and 1/4 inch cup hooks for hanging decor

Durable clear, thin string such as plastic thread

A pair of durable scissors

1 roll of Clear scotch tape

Safety pins

Clear thumbtacks for supporting lights

Step by Step Instructions

Before you begin this project make sure you have enough materials for the size of your bed. These following instructions are ideal for twin size beds so the quantity requirements may have to be increased depending on your own bed's size, design and shape.

1. Screw in 9 cup hooks on the ceiling, in rows of 3's until they're sturdy. Align each 3 screws along with the head, the center and the foot of the bed.

2. Hang string lights along the hooks over the head of bed then repeat to double them up. (Do not unravel lights just yet, and make sure the plug is hanging off one side)

3. Secure the lights to the hooks by tying them with plastic thread to prevent them from falling off. Additionally you can add scotch tape to secure them even further.

4. Carefully unravel two rows string lights and hook them to the hook in the center and the foot of the bed and secure with plastic thread. Repeat with the remaining cup hooks.

5. Tie some of the string lights together so they can be spread out more over the bed.

6. Unravel the remaining rows of string lights have them hang in an area just above the headboard and secure them with thumbtacks.

7. Continue hanging them along the wall above the headboard until they have a curtain effect.

8. Cut the cotton fabric in half using the scissors. (This will be used as your canopy)

9. Fasten safety pins in areas of the fabric pieces depending on how you want to drape them over the bed.

10. Hang fabric to the cup hooks above using the newly attached safety pins until they are draping over the bed. The ends of the fabric should be hanging at the head and foot of the bed.

11. Turn on lights

12. Enjoy your new fairy lights canopy bed!

While this project is very gorgeous it does come with some difficulty. It's not too easy but it's not too hard either. The challenging part in all this is figuring out how much material would be needed as every bed is different. However once you have the right amount then it's straight forward from there on. After all the effort you put into this, you'll have yourself a magically beautiful bed decor that will be admired and envied by many!