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How to Create a Stylish Mirrored Nightstand ChestHave you ever been to the mall and see one of those mirrored drawers on display. There's something absolutely glamorous, and chic about them. However they can be one of the most expensive pieces to buy. What if there was a way to have your OWN without the hefty price tag? This tutorial will give you the details on how to create a stylish mirrored nightstand chest.

Supplies Needed

1 or 2 Nightstand Chest Drawers

1 Package of Clear Crystal Handle Knobs

Sheets of mirrored glass (Size of glass sheets depends on your nightstand's dimensions. Easiest way to get the right size mirrors is to get them custom cut at hardware stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot.)

Silver metallic spray paint

Heavy duty construction adhesive glue

Transparent permanent crafting glue

Home improvement clamps

A measuring tape

Step by Step Instructions

1. Remove all handle knobs from nightstand

2. Pull out all drawers from the nightstand.

3. Spray paint two layers the outer corners of the nightstand and drawers

4. Apply construction adhesive glue to the back of mirror sheets then paste it on the two sides, and top of the nightstand and on the front of the drawers.

5. Using the measuring tape, position it in a place on the now mirror covered drawers where the crystal drawer knobs will be placed at then glue them to the very spot using crafting glue.

6. Using the clamps, attach them to each side of the nightstand and drawers to hold the mirror covers in place for one day or until glue dries

7. Place drawers back in place inside the nightstand.

8. Admire your finished work!

This can be a bit of a difficult project depending on where you get the custom cut mirror sheets from. The costs to get them varies by the hardware store available to you. However beyond that point it's a straightforward and uncomplicated task which can be really fun. As a result of all of your effort you'll get a glitzy piece of furniture that will brighten up your bedroom!