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Small Glass Propagation Planter with Stand

I found this small glass propagation planter with stand the other day and I couldn't help but find it very intriguing!

This comes with two bulb vases that can hold and grow hydroponic plants such as basil, and mint. It can also grow baby plants in a way that it allows you to observe it's growth. With it's black metallic holders, it's also lovely in appearance making it not just a vase but also a great decorative piece. It's compact size enables it to be displayed any space of the house.

Those with a green thumb or are simply interested in starting their own garden would enjoy having this in their homes. They could witness the love and care they put into their little babies which adds to the fun of their hobbies. Because of this, I also believe this would make a fun for projects that teachers could have their students do during a lesson.

Having a love for home decor, I truly like how unique and aesthetically pleasing this is even though it's for gardening. It could fit into any room regardless of design and at the same time provide a fun way for people to grow and tend to their plants!