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Our 1st Christmas S’more Tree Ornament

I came across this adorable and unique our 1st Christmas s'more tree ornament by accident while browsing the net the other day. I hilariously thought they were snowmen until I looked at what they were standing on and found myself loving this trinket even more!

It features a fun display of a married marshmallow couple sharing a glass of champagne with a gold inscription and a red backroom all being held up by a graham cracker and chocolate. This holiday decor is made from resin material and comes ready to hang.

This would make a cute yet meaningful stocking stuffer or surprise gift for newlyweds who are spending their first holiday together. They would simply enjoy having this as part of their festive decoration.

I love how this little decor can both be something fun but also significant to display during the holidays. It would certainly be something I would want to adorn my home for my first holiday as a newlywed.