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Multicolored Star Projector Night Light for Kids

I recently came across this multicolored star projector night light for kids and I was just dazzled by how adorable this is!

While this is quite small and compact it comes with a lot of nifty stuff. It features different functions where it can be used to create almost a planetarium like environment in the bedroom in different colors, or it can be used as a simple night lamp. It can also be controlled by a timer so you won't have to manually shut it off.

This is perfect for children (or adults who has the heart of a child) who loves anything space related. It could bring a lot of fun into bedtime and even make evening storytime much more magical for them!

I like anything that's shiny and glittering and it's because of that I was drawn to this very thing. What I like most about this, is how beautiful as well as fun the lamp is and how it can be used for many activities such as parties and camping.