Large Red Electric Sensory Plasma Glass Sphere Lamp

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Large Red Electric Sensory Plasma Glass Sphere Lamp

This large red electric sensory plasma glass sphere lamp brings back memories of science fairs in school. I couldn't help but be absolutely enthralled with this awesome decoration!

This features a handblown glass ball that contains a Tesla coil inside of it. This generates safe static electricity that responds to touch and sound of anyone who is near it. It would make a mesmerizing decor display for bedrooms or an office.

Kids and adults alike would simply fall in love with this unique lamps. Parents would have a tons of fun introducing their kids to science related subjects by using this very lamp.

I always been fond of these kinds of things. Science fairs were always fun for me so seeing this brought back a ton of childhood memories. On top of that who wouldn't love a light that responds to touch and sounds!

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