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Red Electric Sensory Plasma Glass Sphere Lamp

This red electric sensory plasma glass sphere lamp brings back memories of science fairs in school. I couldn't help but be absolutely enthralled with this awesome decoration!

This features a six inch glass ball that emits beautiful streaks of lightning. This generates safe static electricity that responds to touch and sound of anyone who is near it. It comes equipped with a 6 foot cord making it easy to set up in any space. It would make a mesmerizing decor display for bedrooms or an office.

Kids and adults alike would simply fall in love with this unique lamps. Parents would have a tons of fun introducing their kids to science related subjects by using this very lamp. This would fit in well in rooms and spaces that's adorned with bright, fun colorful tones or even as a distraction piece for the office for those who needs a break from their busy work.

I always been fond of these kinds of things. Science fairs were always fun for me so seeing this brought back a ton of childhood memories. On top of that who wouldn't love a light that responds to touch and sounds!