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Decorative Candle Wax Melter Night Light

Normally when I think of wax warmers I think of the aromatic part of it, but I didn't think they could also be lovely to look at. This very decorative candle wax melter night light that I stumbled upon simply dazzled me!

This elegant lamp is adorned with sunflower shapes which, when the light is turned on is beautifully displayed on walls and surfaces which would bring a touch of warmth to any room. Along with fragrant waxes it can also be used with essential oils to fill your home with the scents of your choosing.

A family member or friend who recently gotten married or moved into a new home would simply adore having this as a housewarming gift to decorate their room with. A home filled with lovely fragrances would be the sure thing to help them wind down and relax for the evening after a long day of work.

I always liked anything having to do with candles and fragrance. I get it mainly from my mother who always has such things around the house. What I liked about this product the most was the simple fact that it lights up! I've never seen anything like this before so I couldn't help but be so awed about it. It would certainly make a pretty addition to any home space.