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Colorful Realistic Faux Jellyfish Night Lamp

I recently found this colorful realistic faux jellyfish night lamp while I was browsing the net and I was so amazed by this that I had to put this on my wish list to get in the future!

The two featured jellyfishes in the water is as mentioned fakes that are made from plastic. The design of it makes it a convincing copy of the real thing! The light changes into a variety of colors giving off an beautiful display that provides a soothing ambiance to any room. It's small enough to use as a decoration in any space whether a desktop table in the office or a small end table in the bedroom.

Children and teens who loves animals would love having this in their bedrooms to show off to their visiting friends. Adults would appreciate having this in their living room or office to help them wind down during and after a busy day at work.

I love how this unique night light gives off an aquarium feel, just without the maintenance part. The colors are vibrant yet calming at the same time. I've personally never seen anything like this and it has become one of my most favorite finds so far!