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Black Portable Flame Lamp Stereo Speaker

I stumbled across this really stylish black portable flame lamp stereo speaker recently. I was really surprised at this particular find because I wouldn't imagine stereo and flame lamp could be in the same sentence, but after I saw this I just couldn't help but be intrigued!

The lantern itself features a compact waterproof design that enables it to be displayed on any surface of a room indoors or outdoors. It cages a LED light that beautifully mimics real flames without having to use real fire, which makes it safe for anyone to use. Equipped with the light is a powerful speaker that connects with your smartphone and tablet via bluetooth so you can play your favorite songs.

A music lover would have an absolute blast playing this at a fun, intimate get together or a small house party. It's sure to be the talk of the event by any guest who sees this lovely decor piece.

What amazes me most about this, is the fact that it combines two completely different things; a music speaker and a lamp into one unique decor. The detailing in it is simply classy and modern!